Dye Happy! Hair Colors

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Appreciation post to some brown skinned babes with fabulous (coloured) hair<3 

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just-w4nderlust: I have medium brown hair and I want to dye it a fun color (haven't decided yet) but without bleaching my hair. I am going to get it done professionally but I was wondering how saturated the color would be on my hair? I was kind of thinking of a tint but would totally be down for a richer shade. Do you think this is a good idea? 

I think in this case you could refer to your professional on what colours to use. Usually professionals have way better, different dyes than you can purchase in stores, which are more potent and long lasting. I would discuss with your professional on what colours he/she thinks would show up best in your hair colour. Usually they’ll know what colours they have would show up best. Personally? I’d go with something red-purple, but talk to your professional and see what they have to say!

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dropamydead: Hey I recently bleached my hair, it came out perfectly blonde but my aim was to use a lilac directions colour on top of it! I looked at the tub and it said to leave on for 15 mins so I did it for 30 mins instead but it only got random strands along the top of my hair so I put another coat on and left that for an hour but I still can't get full coverage? Any tips you could help me with I don't want to be stuck blonde aha :3 

Usually we suggest to put a good amount of it on - be generous! Put a lot of that stuff on! Then leave it in for 5+ hours. I usually leave it in for about two but it’s often because my time scheduled is a bit iffy to do this sorta stuff. But never mind that- I would do it again, but do it maybe in the morning and put another significant amount of the dye in your hair then leave it for at least 2-3 hours to make sure it really stains. I know the bottle says 15-20 but usually that’s meant for strands of hair (like streaks or bangs) and for people who want it to be able to be washed out in a few days. x3 Hope this helped!

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Lovely! Thank’s for the submission, your hair looks amazing!! :)

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blue-besitos: Hey there :3 I was wondering you guys know of any blue hair dyes that doesn't stain the blonde :o just curious if there is such thing as that 

I am not entirely certain but I don’t believe there are many, if any blue hair dyes that don’t stain blond  hair…The idea for it to stick so well is that it stains the blond xD. 8c I hate to say it but if you go blue and wish to change your hair colour you’ll probably need to bleach it after wards! 

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